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In 2020 we celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of Jenny Linds birth. .Den svenska näktergalen. Vem var hon den där kvinnan som brukade synas på de gamla 50-kronorssedlarna? Jenny Lind – den svenska näktergalen – hon som brukar kallas för Sveriges första superstjärna som med sin röst tog sig fram i både Europa och Amerika.

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Jenny Lind

The Swedish Nightingale

From the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (October 5, 1850). The accompanying lithographic sheet music cover depicts the referenced portrait.

   "Ten thousand warblers cheer the day,
   and one The live long night."

   In consequence of the great desire of all classes of our citizens to hear Jenny Lind, in the sublime productions of Handel and Haydn, tickets were in brisk demand today, and we fear many will be deprived of places who greatly desired to attend, in consequence of her great European reputation in the pieces she is to give.


   Miss Lind visited Whipple's daguerrian gallery yesterday and sat for her picture, which is a capital one. A group of three, Jenny, Belletti and Benedict was also taken. Their appearance is exceedingly life-like, and will add greatly to Mr. Whipple's already high reputation as an artist. After this sitting, Jenny, with her party, took a drive into the country, and was seen in the afternoon on Milton Hill, ranging about as a free as air, which must have been a rich treat to her, after so many at homes, and formal receptions of ther hosts of friends.


Sweet Bird of the forest,
Why camest thou here?
They voice was for heaven,
Thy resting-place there.

The leaves gently murmured
Above thy fair head,
The streams softly echoed
Thy footsteps' low tread.

And Nature once worshipped
in beauty and truth,
Now almost forgotten,
Yet lives in thy youth.

Then hail to thy coming
Fair Spirit of song!
Earth sends thee her blessing,
Amid the gay throng.A.


   The Concert at Providence on Monday evening will be fully attended. Col Ross's bid of $650 for the first ticket was the first, last, and only bid; there was no use in competing with this man, when his mind is made up. The rest of the tickets brought from $2 to $7 premium.
   Several ladies and gentlemen from Montreal arrived at the Revere yesterday to attend the Concert this evening.
   Miss Lind called upon Charlotte Cushman yesterday, previous to the departure of the latter for New York.

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Loren Allred: Never Enough

I was lucky enough to be featured in The Greatest Showman as the voice of Jenny Lind. Here is my live performance of Never Enough! Thank you for all your support.

"A Jenny Lind Recital" at the Huron City Church in 1995 "And tho', mayhap, the cloud should hide it, The sun remains in Heaven's vault." from Der Freischutz by CARL MARIA VON WEBER (1786-1826)

For the best  information on Jenny Lind go to:

The origin of Chopin's "well known song method" (UK 1840), and his tutoring of Jenny Lind (daughter of Karl XIV Johan = Jean Bernadotte) in singing and piano in 1841-1842; 

- Several cadenze Chopin appears to have created for his pupils, and how Jenny Lind inspired his music, tried four times to marry him, and made an arrangement of Mazurka Op..24/3 set to Italian words ("Faithful love ...").  How Jenny Lind, monarchs, artists and the UN celebrated Chopin's legacy (Lind's role later covered up).

chopins dream.jpg

Fascinating documentary about Frédéric Chopin's life and the women behind his music. (BBC) which included Jenny Lind

The Swedish soprano Jenny Lind, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale", was one of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century. At the height of her fame she was persuaded by the showman P. T. Barnum to undertake a long tour of the United States. The tour began in September 1850 and continued to May 1852. Barnum's advance publicity made Lind a celebrity even before she arrived in the U.S., and tickets for her first concerts were in such demand that Barnum sold them by auction. The tour provoked a popular furor dubbed "Lind Mania" by the local press, and raised large sums of money for both Lind and Barnum. Lind donated her profits to her favoured charities, principally the endowment of free schools in her native Sweden. Lind was born in 1820 and enrolled at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre's acting school at age ten. In 1838, she gained fame for her performance at the Royal Swedish Opera as Agathe in Der Freischütz.[1] After this, she was in great demand throughout Sweden and the rest of Europe for a decade. Lind wanted to endow free schools in Sweden, and Barnum's offer would allow her to earn a great deal of money.[4] After checking Barnum's credit with a London bank, on 9 January 1850, Lind accepted his offer of $1,000 a night (plus expenses) for up to 150 concerts in the United States. She insisted on the services of Julius Benedict, a German conductor, composer and pianist with whom she had worked in England, and of the Italian baritone Giovanni Belletti as assisting artist, since solo recitals were still unknown to American audiences. Benedict's fee was $25,000 and Belletti's $12,500. All told, Barnum had committed to $187,500 (approximately $5,762,000 today) to bring Lind and her musical troupe to America.

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